If you’re looking for the PSS tracts, they are now located at fasttracts.com. There will be more here in a couple days.

The Participatory Study Series from Energion Publications is designed to invite Bible students to become a part of the community of faith that produced the texts we now have as scripture by studying them empathetically and with an aim to learn and grow spiritually.

The section “Using this Book” and the appendices are designed for the series and adapted to the particular study guide. Each author is free to emphasize different resources in the study, and individual students, group leaders, and teachers are encouraged to enhance their study through the use of additional resources.

It is our prayer at Energion Publications that each study guide will lead you deeper into scripture and more importantly closer to the One who inspired it.

For more on the Participatory Bible Study method, visit DeepBibleStudy.com.

To buy Participatory Study Series books, go to the Energion Direct Series Page.