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Participatory Study Series Pamphlets

Our Christian tracts are available for you to copy or print free of charge. The specific permission is included following the pamphlet list. You can download them in PDF or Microsoft Word format, personalize them in the area indicated, and distribute them freely. If you prefer not to do your own printing, you can order them from us. Please email pubs@energion.com for information on large quantities (more than 100 at a time).

Detailed Catalog with Previews

Our detailed catalog of these tracts with previews allows you to look at the contents of these tracts, preview their format, and download various printed versions or order them printed by Energion Publications and shipped to you. The catalog is: Participatory Study Series Catalog.


Free Christian tracts from Energion Publications will help your church spread the gospel through the world

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Free Bible tracts from Energion Publications will help you grow your church through Bible study

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What is the Participatory Study Series?

The Participatory Study Series is Energion Publications line of publications for use in church education and discipleship. These publications are designed to get the church laity involved along with the clergy in Bible study, discussion and spiritual growth. These Christian tracts reflect doctrinal and spiritual ideas from a range of doctrinal perspectives. You are invited to review them carefully for their suitability for your particular use.

Printing and Copying

These Christian tracts are available free and are dedicated to helping you and your church build God's kingdom.

All tracts are copyright as indicated on the label. You may copy or print these tracts for free distribution as much as you wish, as long as no changes are made to the information, including our Energion Publications contact information. You may add your organization's information in the space provided on the back. We request that you notify us of what you are using and in what quantity.

For permission to use any of this information in another format, such as a church bulletin or study guide, please contact us at pubs@energion.com. In general, provided our contact information is included, and the message of the pamphlet is not changed, we will grant prompt permission.


We will print these free Christian tracts for you at a reasonable charge. Please contact us for large quantities.

If you would like to get printed copies of these tracts from us, we will be happy to send you free samples on request. Please e-mail your snail-mail address and a list of the samples you would like. All of the pamphlets are available online as PDF files. In some cases there are differences in formatting between the version presented on the web site and the version we print. Those on the web site are designed to print on any ordinary inkjet printer. (See the permission to reprint above.)

Printed tracts are $5.00 per pack of 25 of the same item, or $7.50 with organizational or other contact information preprinted. You will need to provide us full written copy and electronic copies of any artwork to be included. For any ad involving more than name, address and phone number there will be a one time charge to format your information. Please contact us via e-mail for a quote. For large quantities (more than 100 of a single pamphlet) please contact us before making your payment online for delivery needs.

To order, e-mail pubs@energion.com.

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