Participatory Study Series Pamphlets – Spiritual Warfare
Cosmic Conflict
A context for spiritual warfare. Deals with the fall of mankind and the conflict between good and evil as the context of Christian life and spiritual warfare. Also available in Word format Cosmic Conflict (Word), and in PDF Cosmic Conflict (PDF).
Spiritual Warfare
Spiritual warfare and its role in the life of believers. This is closely related to “Cosmic Conflict” but emphasizes the individual and corporate actions we take in the present. These actions occur in the context described by Cosmic Conflict. Also available in Word format Spiritual Warfare (Word) and in PDF Spiritual Warfare (PDF).
Seven Barriers to Hearing the Word
Some reasons why we don’t hear God’s word, whether from scripture or elsewhere. This is a practical discussion suggesting things that an individual can do to hear and understood God’s word better, and to avoid the barriers that prevent us from hearing. Also available in Word format at Seven Barriers to Hearing the Word (Word) and PDF Seven Barriers to Hearing the Word (PDF).
Seven Kingdom Principles of Choice
Principles of choice for living the Christian life. In spiritual warfare the basic principle is choice. It is not a matter of actions we take against anyone, but rather of the action of our own will in resisting evil. Also available in Word format at Seven Kingdom Principles of Choice (Word) and PDF Seven Kingdom Principles of Choice (PDF).