God the Creator
A non-judgmental look at various views on creation held by Christians. This pamphlet examines the major views and some of the essentials that unite us despite differences in the details. This pamphlet does not argue one position or another, and so it is useful as a basis for discussion amongst Christians who differ on their interpretation of Genesis.. An HTML version with a few additional links can be found at God the Creator (PDF).

What is the Good News?
A second stage pamphlet for new Christians about salvation. This explains more doctrinal details, but is still friendly and non-threatening. The perspective is most compatible with a Wesleyan perspective, but is not intended to align specifically with one tradition. It explains the process of salvation including justification, sanctification and provides an outline of the Biblical basis for it. This pamphlet is also available in PDF format at What is the Good News? (PDF).

Offering Peace and Forgiveness
Carrying out the ministry of reconciliation in the church, particularly as it is done in prayer ministry. Deals with identificational repentance and how to “stand in” for someone in dealing with forgiveness. It also deals with issues such as the difference between forgiveness and refusing to deal with a problem. This pamphlet would be particularly useful in training prayer teams. Available as a PDF Offering Peace and Forgiveness (PDF).

Understanding the Search for the Historical Jesus
This pamphlet is more technical than the others listed here, but it is still brief and provides an overview of the processes used in the search for the historical Jesus. See also our bibliography, which is currently under some updating and reconstruction Bibliography for the Search for the Historical Jesus. You can also view this as PDF: Understanding the Search for the Historical Jesus (PDF).

Understanding Christian Apologetics
This tract provides an outline of the basics of Christian apologetics for Christians who are interested in sharing their faith. You can also view this as PDF: Understanding Christian Apologetics (PDF).