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Participatory Study Series Pamphlets - Prayer

Index of tracts on prayer for both beginners and prayer warriors
I Want to Pray (Package of 25)
Basics of individual and group prayer. This is an ideal handout for the class that you offer as a pastor or Christian education director when you've been asked, as Jesus was, "teach us to pray." Contains a basic list of Biblical prayers and promises and answers some basic questions believers, especially new believers have about prayer. Also available in Word format at I Want to Pray (Word) and PDF I Want to Pray! (PDF).
Prayer Scriptures for Prayer Warriors (Package of 25)
Some example prayers taken for scriptures to help you learn how to pray the scriptures. Includes adaptations of Ephesians 1:15-23, Ephesians 3:14-21, Ephesians 6:10-20, Psalm 91 and Psalm 121, along with space for a prayer list. Also available in Word format at Prayer Scriptures for Prayer Warriors (Word) and PDF Prayer Scriptures for Prayer Warriors(PDF).
Self Defense for Prayer Warriors (Package of 25)
How to stay spiritually healthy while praying for others. This is an important aid in teaching, especially for intercessory prayer and for prayer teams. Often these people get over involved and fail to take care of themselves spiritually and physically. This pamphlet gives some key ideas for staying healthy while ministering to others. Also available in Word format at Self Defense for Prayer Warriors (Word) and PDF at Self Defense for Prayer Warriors.
So You're an Intercessor (Package of 25)
Basic intercessory prayer. There are many misunderstandings about intercessory prayer and particular about being an "intercessor." This pamphlet shows that every Christian is called to intercessory prayer, and not just a small group. Some, however, are called to pray more than others, and it provides guidelines for them. Also available in Word format So You're an Intercessor! (Word) and PDF So You're an Intercessor! (PDF).
Repentance and Rejoicing (Package of 25)
How to make a positive thing out of repentance and get to the freedom and rejoicing that can follow. We often suffer because we can't admit when we're wrong and so we don't change direction. We keep repeating the same mistakes. This pamphlet presents some Biblical principles for success in making repentance a lifestyle. Available also in Word format Repentance and Rejoicing (Word) and in PDF Repentance and Rejoicing (PDF).
I Want to be Healed (Package of 25)
Some basics of prayer for healing. Why isn't everyone healed when we pray? What might prevent healing? Should we pray for healing? Available also in Word Doc format I Want to be Healed (Word Doc) and in PDF format I Want to be Healed (PDF).
What do I Do About Fasting? (Package of 25)
This pamphlet introduces fasting and prayer for new Christians, describing what fasting is, how to do it, and some cautions. Available also in Word Doc format Fasting (Word Doc) and in PDF format Fasting (PDF).
7 Barriers to Prayer in Your Church (Package of 25)
Seven barriers or attitudes that will prevent prayer from breaking out in your church and some ideas for how to get past them. Available also in Open Document format 7 Barriers to Prayer in Your Church (Open Document) and in PDF format 7 Barriers to Prayer in Your Church (PDF).

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